being an exchange student...

Being an exchange student isn’t easy. It’s not easy to leave home. It’s not easy to walk away from everyone you love. It’s not easy to leave everything behind you. It’s not easy to start a new life without knowing anybody. It’s not easy to make friends in a country with a language you don’t really know. It’s not easy to get up every morning, knowing you have to challenge a new day. It’s not easy to build up a new existence. It’s not easy to live in a family you hardly even know. It’s not easy to go to a school in a different language. It’s not easy to smile to everyone, while you’re heart is breaking because you miss your old home. It’s not easy to continue with everything, while you are extremely homesick. It’s not easy to handle a culture shock without any help. It’s not easy to try to make friends every single day. It’s not easy to be an exchange student.


But it’s an experience you don’t want to miss. You’re going to change through your exchange, you’re going to learn how to handle difficult situation, you’re going to learn how to communicate with people who don’t speak your language. I am glad to be an exchange student, I am glad to be in this country, that is even more different that I thought in the beginning and still the same as my homecountry. It’s still just a country, where people try to live their life, to get through crises, to laugh and to have fun, to fall in love and to break up. It’s the same, but in a different way. And after all, you’re going to miss this country after your exchange. Even though you were homesick, even though you sometimes thought you never could get through this. Even though you sometimes thought it would be the worst time of your life. In the end you have built up your life in this country. And although you are happy to come back “home” you still don’t want to leave your new family, your new friends. They all guided you through your exchange, they sometimes helped you, sometimes may have made it worse, but after all they were there. And you know you can count on them.


I am glad to be an exchange student. Even if it’s not easy. Even if I may have rough times. In the end, being an exchange student isn’t easy, but awesome.

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    Juicers Reviews (Donnerstag, 11 April 2013 23:51)

    I just shared this upon Facebook! My friends will really like it!